straight for equality

Dipping your toe in the ally water to test it out? Never really saw yourself as connected to LGBT issues before, but think that the time has come to learn more? Did someone just come out to you and you're asking, "What now?" Then welcome to the world of New Allies.

What makes a new ally? Often they have some common backgrounds, like:

  • Expressing an interest in understanding what "GBLT issues" actually are
  • Wanting to understand the challenges that friends and family who are LGBT may face
  • Identifying some of the barriers that they might have to being supportive, like a fear of conflict, or even faith issues
  • Looking for ways to support friends or family who have come out to them as LGBT.

Research shows that 8 in 10 people personally know someone who is LGBT. (We always half-joke that the other two just don’t know it yet.) Whether you’re one of the eight – or even one of the two, whether you’re here to learn more about an issue, or just find something that you can do, you’re in the right place.

In this section for New Allies, we have suggestions of what Straight for Equality materials will be most helpful to you on this portion of your ally journey, information about specific issues related to the LGBT community for you to learn more about, lots of book, film, and web recommendations, and even some suggestions of things you can start doing right now as a brand-new ally.

This is just the start of your ally journey, of course. When you feel like you’ve built up your ally muscles, check out resources for Everyday Allies and Super Allies.