straight for equality
personal stories from allies

“Each and every time we tell our truth, we’re creating a world where
the sense that there is shame in being LGBT– or having a child or
loved one who is – becomes less pervasive.”

- Sam Thoron, Former PFLAG National Board President

Sharing your personal story about why you support equality for all is a powerful and often transformative act. In fact, for 40 years, encouraging people to share their stories has been at the core of PFLAG National’s work since we know that a personal narrative can impact people in the way no statistic ever could.

Many LGBT people talk about the relief they felt when they realized that they weren’t the only gay person in the world or when they truly knew that they had people who loved and accepted them. Often allies say that they have a similar experience – that without knowing that there are other allies around them, they feel isolated.

You’ll have an opportunity to see that no straight ally is ever alone. There are countless allies out there with unique and powerful stories about why this issue matters to them. Check out some of these narratives…and consider sharing yours, too. Remember: Change begins with one conversation.