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straight for equality: trans ally materials

Get started here with your education efforts with fantastic resources from Straight for Equality! 

Click on the link next to each publication or resource name to download the publications as a PDF for free. If you are interested in purchasing copies of the guide to being a trans ally or our "As a trans ally I will..." cards, they are available at the PFLAG National Bookstore.

You can also find one-page summaries of learning sessions available through the Straight for Equality in the Workplace program in the educational programs section.

guide to being a trans ally
This guide will help you learn more about what transgender means, develop competency around talking about the issue, become better informed about the challenges that many trans people face, and know specific ways that you can be a strong trans ally.
Our Trans Loved Ones
Our Trans Loved Ones is a brand-new, updated resource. Written by PFLAG staff members, and created with the help of content experts, reviewers, and PFLAGers with experience to share, it is full of information, first-person stories, and expert input geared to those who have a loved one who has come out as trans or gender expansive.
As a trans ally I will...
Use these postcards as part of an event to show people how to be better trans allies. The card can also be used as a part of a social media campaign and is a great way to get a conversation strated.
Breaking Binaries Worksheet
Use this worksheet to understand how you personally understand your assigned birth sex, gender expression, gender identitiy, and sexual orientation. You can use this tool as a conversation starter about non-binary identities.
Equality Literacy 101
Choosing to have a conversation often starts with being comfortable with terminology. This quick cheat sheet will help get you caught up on the right words to use.