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2013 workplace summit - Minneapolis, MN


Join us at Out & Equal Workplace Advocates Workplace Summit in Minneapolis, MN! The summit is celebrating its 15th Anniversary and we can't wait to join in the fun October 28-31, 2013. 

This year, PFLAG and Straight for Equality have been given the honor of presenting four workshops throughout the summit. Additionally, Jean-Marie will be copresenting in one of the day long leadership seminars and PFLAG staff members will sit on panels organized by other companies and organizations that are partcipating in the summit. We'll also be at booth 132 in the exhibit hall where you can meet members of our staff, grab information to take home with you, and more!

Monday, October 28th

2013 Workplace Summit Leadership Seminar: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Faith and LGBT in the Workplace
Presented by Terry Hildebrandt, of Terry Hildebrandt and Associates, and Jean-Marie Navetta, of PFLAG National, this all day Leadership Seminar will focus on the complexities of religion and LGBT issues in the workplace.  You’ll have a chance to explore your personal journey with faith and sexual orientation and gender identity, and prepare yourself to be an effective advocate.

Tuesday, October 29th

Session 1 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm
LGBT Equality and the Intersection with Corporate Public Policy Aims: When Interests Converge
Times and trends change. Business executives and lobbyists today recognize how often their interests match or parallel those of LGBT advocates – from health care coverage, employment law, relationship and family law, and even immigration reforms. This panel is designed to help introduce this timely discussion and the views of public affairs experts to share their experiences, their best practices and to identify pitfalls and challenges they face.

Session 2: 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm
I'm Not LGBT...Not That There is Anything Wrong With That: Advanced Ally Skills
Download Session Materials: www.straightforequality.org/AdvancedAllySkills
Find out how to effectively communicate why you’re an ally (and why saying it matters), get the language to articulate the ally angle on the business case for equality and ERG involvement, and learn how to turn awkward experiences (like when a colleague tells a gay joke) into teaching moments that boost inclusion at work. Whether you’re a new or seasoned ally or an LGBT person looking for ways to help empower your allies, we’ve got answers.

Wednesday, October 30th

Session 3: 11:00 am - 12:30 pm
(Effectively) Telling Your Story for Workplace Equality
Everyone’s got a story. But knowing how to shape and tell that story effectively – and in under two minutes! – is a skill that separates the simple storytellers from the real workplace equality change-makers. This highly interactive session will teach you to pick your best personal stories, develop them into engaging, must-hear narratives, deploy effective messaging strategies around them to create common ground with potential allies, and then use all of these tools in a powerful way, changing hearts and minds in the workplace.

Session 4: 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm 
It's Not About Counting Heads: Building Truly Inclusive ERGs
Download Session Materials: www.straightforequality.org/CountingHeads
Culturally-inclusive ERGs are able to better serve organizations, provide support to less visible populations, and create partnerships that yield great educational opportunities, dispel stereotypes, and develop inclusive workplace climates. In this session, participants will learn about why inclusion of communities of color is so important to ERG work, the role of LGBTs as allies to people of color, understand inclusion vs. diversity, take on some of the biggest challenges around inclusion outreach, brainstorm and share with other participants to create new efforts, and get the tools to start boosting inclusion in your ERG.

Thursday October 31st

Session 5: 10:00 am - 11:30 am
Have Faith: Navigating LGBTA and Religion Issues in the Workplace
Download Session Materials: www.straightforequality.org/HaveFaithAtWork
There are few topics that cause as much stress as putting LGBT equality and religion in the same discussion. The conflict – both real and perceived – between diversity and inclusion efforts aimed at LGBT equality and people’s religious beliefs remains a hotbed of debate. Find out how to move this debate back to a conversation, identify ways to find common ground between LGBTAs and people of faith at work, get resources to help in the effort, and even find ways to use common ground as a starting point for workplace programs that promote inclusion for LGBTAs and people of faith together.

Learn More About Straight for Equality:

Download the 2013 Straight for Equality in the Workplace Training Catalog (PDF)
Want to bring some fun – and super-effective – training to your organization? Check out our more than 10 training offerings for 2013.

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Looking for a way to boost your organization’s diversity and inclusion efforts? Becoming a PFLAG National Partner is a great way to meet you goal. Most sponsorships include Straight for Equality in the Workplace training services. 

Save the Date:
Save the date now to attend the 2014 Straight for Equality Gala in New York City. Mark your calendars for April 10, 2014 to be at the only national event dedicated to honoring the contributions of straight allies in the workplace, entertainment, and other key areas. (You’ll also get to see how cute we are when we actually clean up.)


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