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The straight for equality pledge


Everyone needs a way to take a first step when it is time to do something new. Here's one for our straight allies. Sign the Straight for Equality Pledge as your first step to being a great straight ally!

As a straight ally I will…

Come out: I will let my family, friends, and colleagues know that I support equality for LGBT people when it is appropriate and acknowledge my own uncertainties when necessary.

Speak up: Whether I am responding to an anti-LGBT joke or remark, discussing current events, or correcting misinformation or a commonly held stereotype I will stand up for equality.

Join in: Using the tools provided by Straight for Equality I will begin to incorporate small every day actions to demonstrate my support for the LGBT community to help move equality forward.

(Please note: We do not display the names or e-mail addresses of pledge signers. We respect your privacy and will only use your e-mail address to contact you regarding the Straight for Equality project. It will not be traded or sold to any other company or organization.)


Thank you for signing the Straight for Equality Pledge! You've just taken the first step in developing and amplifying your voice as a straight ally. We would love to help you learn how to do more to Come Out, Speak Up, and Join In on behalf of your LGBT friends, family members, and colleagues.

Straight for Equality is a project of PFLAG National that began in 2007. It was designed to reach out to straight allies who may not realize how their contribution can make a significant difference in the lives of those around them. Since its inception Straight for Equality has trained more than 6,000 people through our training programs and nearly 20,000 people have signed the Straight for Equality Pledge. 

Now that you've signed the pledge, why not take one more step towards becoming a proud ally? Check out:

  • The Straight for Equality Twitter and Facebook pages, where you can follow and like us.

And please tell your friends, families, and classmates about us! Encourage others to sign the Straight for Equality Pledge so they can stay up to date on our new projects, events, trainings, and have the opportunity to provide us with feedback. We appreciate your voice and efforts as an ally.

Thanks again for signing the Straight for Equality Pledge and helping move equality forward!


The Straight for Equality Team

Sign the pledge

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